With a wide range of comedic and dramatic roles on television, film and the stage, Travis Schuldt is poised to become tomorrow's most exciting breakthrough
story. Seen as Sarah Chalke's forgiving boyfriend Keith on NBC's hit comedy Scrubs, Schuldt has quickly expanded the fan base of those who first discovered him
through his starring role on the subversive daytime soap opera Passions, where he played the noble Ethan Winthrop for four
The Topeka, Kansas, native's career began after he graduated from Texas Christian University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater. He quickly found success as a model and moved to Los Angeles in 1999, when he just as quickly scored the
lead on the NBC hit Passions. After leaving Passions, Schuldt immediately booked a starring role opposite Ernie Hudson and
Danny Nucci on the short-lived drama 10-8: Officers on Duty. Other credits include JAG, Veronica Mars, and the upcoming horror spoof _Hack! (2006)_, which is overstuffed with cult icons like Kane Hodder (the Friday the 13th series), Juliet Landau
(Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Danica McKellar (The Wonder Years).
Acting is just one of Schuldt's many talents. In 2004, Schuldt worked with director Jonathan Walls and writer/actor/producer Jay Thames to create, write, finance, produce and star in the critically acclaimed independent film Automatic, which found enthusiastic audiences as an official selection at SXSW, Woodstock, Starz Denver and the Deep Ellum Film Festival in Dallas.