Robert Hawes
by Robert Hawes
I first learned of sound from Sonny Smith, a hard drinkin' Vietman vet whose early career centered on touring with southern rocks Lynard Skynard and Molly Hatchet. He taught me audio basics like signal flow, proper wiring, truck driving, gun shooting and soldering. Also to troubleshoot and solve problems. Entrusted with this knowledge, I was ready to pack up my '77 Dodge van and drive cross country to the show capitol of the world...
Upon arrival, I went to school, took odd jobs and played in bands. Rocked the scene as a young man should. Before long I was a working studio engineer. I got to record in some great studios as well as old mansions, hippie farms and haunted houses. Next thing ya know, the stuff is playing on the radio. And at the grocery store...Plus I'm hangin' at some cool parties the the dudes from the band, record company cats, big-time celebs, major players, v.i.p.s, swimming pools & movie stars.
"Wow this is great!"
But with all this excitement, I feared I may loose focus. It was time I settled down. So I found the girl of my dreams and got married. Then we went on a trip around the world. Life was good. Returned from our adventure, we celebrated with film directors, screenwriters, on-line editors, hairdressers and democrats. Recently, I've been working on feature films, T.V. shows, podcats, promos, ads, ringtones and video games.
People sure are friendly here!
Hooray for HOLLYWOOD!!!
The End
by Robert Hawes