Alexandra Barreto was born in Staten Island, NY, to an Italian mother and a Puerto Rican father. She likes to say she grew up in New York, but she’s often accused of being a Floridian, since, well, she did live in the Sunshine State for ten years of high school and college. Whatever. New York sounds better.

Since living in Los Angeles, she’s guest starred and/or recurred on just about every Jerry Bruckheimer show, and other shows as varied as Pushing Daisies and Justified. But she owes her happiness to the little show that couldn’t: Pepper Dennis, which lasted one glorious season, and in which she starred alongside Rider Strong (her partner and sometimes director). Since then, they’ve teamed up along with his brother Shiloh to write, direct, and produce the first political commercial to air on Comedy Central. Alexandra has produced two films directed by Rider and Shiloh, and has produced another two short films. She is currently seeking financing for her two feature projects: an 80s style horror-comedy, and a new take on the traditional romantic comedy. Give her money.